Paul M. Doolittle, Esq.

Paul M. Doolittle, Esq.

Doolittle Law

Lake Lytal Jr., Esq.

The days when you could rely on the Defendant’s structured settlement representative to look out for your client’s best interests have long passed. At a mediation just last week I received a structured offer from the Defendant that would have paid my client about half of the benefits that my client would receive from the structure provided to me from Delta Settlements for the same cost. We have an obligation to advise our clients of the structured settlement option and to get them the best return possible on their annuity. No one does it better than Delta.”

Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath

Gerald D. Schackow, Esq.

“Delta Settlements- Thank you so much for providing a vehicle which provides financial security, investment safety, and a well thought out income stream in the future for our clients.  Our firm has used your services for many years and has found them to be excellent choices for our clients.  In fact, we are so pleased with your investments and future payouts that we are taking some of our attorney fees on a structured basis.  We are extremely pleased to receive attorney fees in a lump sum somewhere in the future, specifically in the first week of January so that we have the appropriate cash flow for the new-year in which to operate our business.  Thanks for your many years of helping our clients and our firm with its structured settlements needs.”

Schackow Mercadante & Edwards