About Us


Delta Settlements (Delta) is the leading settlement planning and structured settlement company in the United States. We assist all parties involved in creating innovative financial settlement plans for personal injury, workers’ compensation and employment dispute cases.

Our mission is to maximize the use of post settlement dollars and available public benefits through prudent planning.

To achieve our Mission, Delta’s business strategy focuses upon:

  •  Expert and ethical business conduct
  •  Multi-professional expertise
  •  Operating efficiencies using advanced technologies
  •  Comprehensive settlement services

When you need a skilled settlement advocate, turn to the team of planners that top trial lawyers, insurance carriers, and adjusters across the United States have relied upon for over twenty years, Delta Settlements.


As Settlement Planners, we serve as one member of a settlement planning team that advises all parties about settlement planning issues including financial options at settlement.

Our settlement planners help all parties involved to understand their financial options at settlement. We then assist attorneys in developing strategies to maximize their clients’ post settlement dollars and to preserve as well as maximize their government benefits including Medicare and Medicaid.


Delta has been a leader and innovator in the structured settlement industry since founded in 1990. Delta’s founders recruited top professional talent to provide insurance carriers, adjusters, plaintiffs and their attorneys with the best structured settlement and settlement planning products available. Delta was one of the first members of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA). Delta was a founding member of the Society of Settlement Planners (SSP). Delta’s settlement planners support and participate in professional associations that support injury and employment victims including NSSTA, SSP, the National Alliance of Medicare Set Aside Professionals (NAMSAP), the Academy of Special Needs Planners (ASNP) and the American Association for Persons with Disabilities (AAPD).


We are dedicated to leading the settlement planning profession and to improving methods for maximizing the use of post settlement dollars. We offer and recommend financial products and solutions which address and advance the best interests of our clients and their attorneys.

Professional Service
Our strict standards for quality professional service address every aspect of our dedication to our clients. From initial interview and consultation through settlement negotiation and finalizing of a settlement plan, we provide our clients with the highest possible level of professional service.

All-inclusive Services
To address our clients’ immediate and long-term needs, we provide all inclusive settlement planning services including a full-range of settlement planning products.

Time Sensitivity and Availability
We recognize that all parties desire a quick resolution of the settlement details once agreement is reached or recovery is achieved. Therefore, we always provide prompt service. We are available for consultation at all stages of your negotiation. Our clients have direct access to our settlement planners throughout the settlement process including toll-free telephone access.

Our company and our professionals attend the certification programs and support the professional codes of conduct (ethics) of both the National Structured Settlement Trade Association and Society of Settlement Planners.